Tim Love Talks BBQ With Me and Food Republic

I can't begin to describe how much of a good time I had at this year's inaugural Austin Food & Wine Festival. The awesome food, music, and Texas characters were great to be a part of. One of my favorite aspects was also seeing Food Republic there in their W Austin test kitchen and interview lounge. They caught up with some of my good friends, like Andrew Zimmern and Tim Love.

I even sat down with Tim for an extended talk about BBQ, food cultures, and traditions in our restaurants. Check out the video of our interview below and for more Austin Food & Wine Festival coverage, check out Food Republic here.

Marcus Pop Food: Food in Ft. Worth, Texas

Learning more about regional differences in American food is one of my favorite reasons to travel. In the South I have been to Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and getting to taste the regional variations in barbecue has been a great experience. I'm slowly getting this understanding of barbecue, this special cuisine, which isn't common for a lot of chefs in the North.

Last week I was in Ft. Worth, Texas. Every time I go down South, I learn a lot about food. Not just how you cook something, but about the culture of it. In Ft. Worth, the food is authentic and real. I sat with the pitmaster at Angelo's barbecue restaurant and spent three hours just eating ribs, brisket, and delicious sides. When you're at Angelo's, you are in and of a place; it's like a time warp.

Tex Mex is itself a reason to visit Ft. Worth. We had a great experience at Juanito's taqueria. When you walk in, the aroma immediately confronts you and you know the food will be amazing. The menus were all in Spanish, and the food was completely authentic. We had tacos with tripe and pig ear tacos, two things you don't see often in New York, only in the most authentic places.

Thanks to Tim Love and his team of cooks. They were great hosts and all his guys were excellent help at the Texas Restaurant Association's Show. Thank you also to Remington College, whose students were all-star helping hands. I am always struck by Texan hospitality and friendliness whenever I visit. I can't wait to get back down South to learn even more.