Thomas Keller's Thanksgiving

To me, the Thanksgiving holiday is about celebrating family, friends and of course, the tradition of the harvest.  This broad theme can be interpreted in many ways, and I like how accessible it is for anyone. I have been sharing my recipes for an African and global inspired Thanksgiving, such as Chunky Mashed Vegetables and Harissa Roasted Turkey Breast, but I'm interested to see how chef Thomas Keller approaches Thanksgiving.  Esquire's blog Eat Like A Man has reprinted the 1999 menu that this impressive chef made that year.  His classic cooking style, understated and elegant, is still in style over ten years later.

The article gives recipes for his Mayonnaise-Roasted Turkey Breast and Napa Valley Cream-of-Walnut Soup, which would go well with my recipes for Corn Bread or Carrot-Cranberry Chutney.

I relate to how he reinvents the familiar, and I think Thanksgiving is a great time to try something like that, for this family-centric holiday.

Read the full article here.