Tempranillo And Blue Cheese

Weekend Wine And Cheese Recommendation

Spice up your weekend with a wedge of blue cheese and a rich glass of Tempranillo wine!

Blue cheese is a brilliantly varied category of cheese characterized by the presence of a blue mold called Penecillium that is entirely harmless to our bodies. There is a wide range in the intensity of blues available, but one of the more mild varieties that is good as an introductino to the world of blue is Point Reyes Blue Cheese, which is creamy and salty.

Tempranillo, a lesser known grape whose cultivation originated in Spain, is a full-bodied and aromatic wine that has deep plum and current notes and a little play on tobacco and vanilla flavors. While the Spanish kind is very good, there are ones cultivated in South America and Australia that are equally tasty.

These two vivid flavors are very complementary and would do well with chunks of a baguette.

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Tempranillo and Mahon


Take a break in Spanish style this weekend with a glass of Tempranillo and a wedge of Mahon!

Though red Tempranillo production originated in Spain, there are popular New World varieties from Argentina and Chile. These traditionally young wines have a shorter life on the vine. Each glass teases the palate with a variety of flavors ranging from tobacco and vanilla to berries and plum.

Mahon is a stellar semi-firm, cow's milk cheese that hails from the island of Menorca. It's got a bit of a bite with a sharp lemon-ey, salty flavors. This cheese crumbles like an aged cheddar and goes best with a simple cracker that won't compete for your attention.

Close your eyes and you can almost smell the salty, Mediterranean breeze as you're dazzled by Tempranillo and Mahon.

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