Help me Hustle The Red Rooster Cookbook!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read The Red Rooster Cookbook: The Story of Food and Hustle in Harlem! This book means a lot to me as it illustrates why I have come to love Harlem so much and why I call it home. I could use some help showing everyone that this cookbook is more than just a cookbook!

Social Media Superstar Gary Vaynerchuk has recently taken me under his wing. He tells me that it can be helpful to show people how to spread the word effectively. So, Gary V style, post it on your Instagram, write about it on your blog, tweet it out, review it on Amazon, or simply give it to a friend - any way you want to share it is cool. Check out his Insta tips below:



1.      Take a photo of yourself with the book. Make sure the front cover is prominent and in focus.

2.      Write a brief review of the book. Did it make you think of Harlem? If you've never been, did it make you want to go? Do you think you'll try any of the recipes? Share it all!

3.      Be sure to tag me (@marcuscooks) and use hashtag #RedRoosterCookbook. Other tags you might want to use include #RedRooster and #Harlem

The Diners Dilemma, Social Media Edition

dining, social media, Instagram, restaurants I have a feeling that a large percentage of people, including myself are guilty of the following: You're out to dinner with friends, the waiter places your beautifully structured dinner plates on the table, and before digging in, like clock work, everyone at the table pulls out a camera phone and snaps a pic of their food...and everyone else's. Whether it be breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or the snack you picked up along the way, people are obsessed with taking pictures of their food, while dining out. Social media plays a large part in this obsession as well.

With the boom of social media and restaurants over the last several years, the two now go hand in hand. With a small number of chefs and restaurants banning the use of cell phones at the dinner table,  The Wall Street Journal Online, reported this week that, more and more restaurants are now embracing customers who use social media, especially Instagram while dining out. Welcoming restaurants feel that diners photographing their meals while in the actual restaurants are like having "...brand ambassadors on behalf of the restaurant."

Chefs and restaurant professionals alike have started promoting their restaurants and brands through social media presence.  Sending out quick uploads of a nightly special, or a funny picture of a staff member into the social media hemisphere can attract and draw in more customers than normal. Some restaurants have gone as far as asking people to photograph and post pictures on Instagram of their meal when they see that someone at the table has their cell phones out. With technology the way it is, growing in record numbers, it's hard to imagine not taking a picture of your food. It's become a way of life.

How do you feel about fellow diners taking pictures of food at restaurants? Does it disturb your meal while you are there? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

Shout Out to Lucky Peach

Who says print is dead? In fact, a stirring new magazine just came out that may change the face of food writing. In what will hopefully be a long partnership with a strong pay-off, Chef David Chang of New York's Momofuku restaurants has teamed up with writer Peter Meehan, and Zero Point Zero Production the producers behind the Emmy Award-winning Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations to release the newest food magazine: Lucky Peach.

Lucky Peach's first issue has just hit the stand and is already wildly popular and is receiving critical acclaim. Each issue of this quarterly publication plans to focus on one central topic (the first issue's was ramen soup) and explore it through travel writing, food writing, essays, art, photography, and whatever else these guys can think up. Eventually, McSweeney (the magazine's publisher) plans to release Lucky Peach, or at least some form of it, as an iPad app.

Lucky Peach is a real breath of fresh air in the food writing industry. This kind of forward thinking is just the kind of thing we had in mind when we launched Food Republic-doing something different that would both shake-up the food world and appeal to audiences that are sometimes neglected, by highlighting different ideas and writing styles. It's also awesome to see how many media sources are using different outlets to convey their messages, whether it be in print, on-line, or somewhere in between, like an iPad app. We wish Lucky Peach a successful run and we look forward to its great published work!

Food in the News

It's really exciting for me to see food so prevalent in the news lately. Not only are the food industry and how we get our food such hot topics right now, but also because of social and multi-media, we are starting to learn more about the never-before-seen aspects of food, farming, wine-making, restaurant life and much more. I'm glad to have social media outlets available so that I can constantly keep you posted on what I'm doing and other ways that you can get involved, not only in food related affairs, but also through community events and causes. Food Republic has also done a great job in keeping its readers updated on fascinating food content. Today we'll feature food stories that have been in the news recently that have an interesting edge to them.

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Food and Technology: Apples' iCloud, OSX Lion, and iOS5

By Liz McCarthy

Food and technology have become increasingly intertwined as blogs, apps, and social media make it easier and easier to share recipes, your favorite restaurants, artisan food producers, and photos of your culinary creations. This week at their annual Worldwide Developer's Conference, Apple announced some new features they're adding to their lineup that could make some foodies (and techies) very excited. 

iOS 5, Apple's newest operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, will be released in Fall 2011. Here are some of its features that could be game-changers in the food world:

Newsstand - Newsstand will keep all of your digital newspaper and magazine subscriptions in the same place and alert you when new issues arrive. So whether you subscribe to Food and Wine, BBC Good Food Magazine, or want to read the New York Times Dining & Wine section on your iPad, you're covered.

Reminders - While loads of grocery and to-do list apps are currently available, this is the first one made by Apple and the first that will automatically update across platforms. Now you can create a grocery list or step-by-step recipe on your iPad that will automatically be synced to your iPhone and your computer. You can also create location-based notifications - imagine getting a reminder to buy milk when you pull into the parking lot at the supermarket!

Camera/Photos - Apple's adding a function that will turn the volume-up button into a shutter button for super accessibility to the iPhone camera app. There will also be added features for editing right on the iPhone - you'll be able to use composition assistants like grid lines and exposure adjustments, plus you can make edits like cropping and rotating without the aid of a computer. This will make mobile photo-posting easier than ever for food bloggers and the Twitter community.

Airplay Mirror for iPad - If you have an AppleTV, you'll now be able to create a mirror of whatever's on your iPad screen and put it on your HDTV wirelessly. That means if you're using a recipe app like Epicurious or BigOven on your iPad and want to see it on a larger screen, you can view it on your TV without plugging anything in. This could also be an amazing tool if you teach a cooking class - students can follow along with your instruction on a big screen while you flip through slides, recipe steps, or photos on your iPad.

Photo: inUse Consulting on flickr