What to Watch: An Ethiopian Love

After my demo and dinner in Seattle with Tom Douglas, I was stopped by these two guys waiting for me in the lobby of the Palace Ballroom. I don't know how long they had been waiting or how they found out I'd be there, but these two young kids were standing there with a laptop and a couple of T-shirts with the words I AM ETHIOPIA written on them. Of course I stopped to see what they wanted.

"An Ethiopian Love" is a new movie written, directed and produced by Yonie Soloman and I got the chance to check out the trailer. According to Yonie, he wanted to make the movie (filmed in LA, Seattle and Ethiopia) to forever change the world's negative perception of Africa by allowing audiences to see a side of Ethiopia never depicted by mainstream media. It's billed as a romantic comedy made up of a mostly Ethiopian-American cast, but Yonie hopes it reaches a wide range of people outside of our Ethiopian tribe.

In addition to the movie, Yonie created the I AM ETHIOPIA apparel line to promote one of the themes of the movie. I AM ETHIOPIA is a powerful declaration that positively represents the birthplace of civilization as well as celebrates the only African country in history to remain independent avoiding colonization by defeating a European power.

I'll be in Washington, D.C. on Friday night doing demos and dinners at the Smithsonian and the Howard Theater and I'm excited to meet those who are a part of the large and vibrant Ethiopian community there. Do me a favor--check out the trailer for "An Ethiopian Love" down below and give some love to these guys. I applaud them for the hard work and dedication they have to getting the movie and message out, and I wish them all the best of luck.