Resto's Tete De Cochon Sandwich

Weekly Dish Recommendation By Jason Bell

Before Lent begins next week, get your fix of meat at Resto.  If your perfect Saturday night involves an acute case of the meat sweats, check out Resto's tete de cochon sandwich. Invented by former executive chef Ryan Skeen, now at Fish Tag, the tete de cochon produces dizzying spells of meat euphoria.

Smashed between slice of charred bread with sriracha mayo, pickled red onion, cilantro, and pickled carrot, the tete de cochon-aka pig's head-tastes like an absolute expression of savoriness. Dripping with fat-Resto's model is, after all, "bringing fat back"-the tete de cochon sandwich uses tat bitter charred bread to cut the grease. $12 nets a heaping helping of sandwich, almost more than one person could reasonably consume in one sitting. Almost.

For dessert, order Resto's pig's ear salad. A crunchy combo of carrot, squash, greens, buttermilk vinaigrette and ear, this salad takes the health out of "health food." Resto serves serious meat to not-so-serious diners, and is an appealing choice for weekend dinners.