6 Best Apps For Foodies On The Go

By: Allana Mortell

Sometimes I like to think back and try to remember what life was like before the iPhone. Though my memory is a bit hazy, I recall something about thick silver flip phones and too-small-to-function Nokia phones that could fit in the palm of your hand.

Now, ten years later, when I'm not obsessing over Instagram or playing lightsaber on my iPhone, I'm checking out my big foodie apps. I used to think it was cool your phone could tell you where to find a great burger. Now, our ability to order food in person is being replaced by a smartphone.

In the past two years, technology has become a million times more advanced and you, along with Siri, can pretty much rule the world with a swipe or two of your fingertips. So, feel free to replace that drawer of take-out menus in your kitchen - these days, all you need is your phone and these great apps to follow!

1)   Grub-Hub: The slogan for perhaps the most popular take out and delivery app encourages "happy eating" to all its customers. With over 25,000 eateries, that shouldn't be a problem. This app is all location based; the search engine is powered to find delivery or pick-up options from a massive network of restaurants ranging in over 300 American cities. With a few scrolls on your phone, you can view menus, user reviews and place your order online, with your payment information kept safely stored away.

2)   Menu Pages: What better way to decide where to eat by perusing a menu? By using your phones "current location," this app shows you results of numerous restaurants around you, with their entire menu on display as well. Additionally, you can make online reservations and share your findings with your friends via social media outlets (facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc) with a flick of a finger. Since the app is new, it is only currently available in NYC, Chicago, LA, Philly, Boston, DC, San Francisco and South Florida.

3)   Seamless Web: This app and website have been gaining a lot of hype recently for their abilities to find restaurants near you that deliver orders directly to your doorstep within minutes. Similar to Menu Pages and Grub Hub, this app is all location based from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and computer. Browse hundreds of restaurants near you and customize searches by restaurant ratings, delivery minimum amount, prices, special features and types of cuisine. Additionally, the user reviews are incredibly helpful considering for certain neighborhoods, hundreds of restaurants are available. With so many choices, comes great possibilities.

4) Delivery.com: This app is exactly what you think it is - free delivery service to your doorstep from restaurants, grocery stores, merchant stores and the like. The popular website, Delivery.com recently went mobile and customers are ever-thankful for now having the ability to order food directly from their phones. One of the best parts about this app is that if you already have a Delivery.com account, the app syncs together, accessing all your information, settings and locations. By using GPS location, the app finds restaurants near you based on types of cuisine and prices that you're looking for. You can pay with a credit card and safely store more than one card on the app making checkouts simple and secure. Additionally, if you have a favorite store or restaurant that doesn't deliver, let Delivery.com know about it and they will work towards featuring that restaurant on their website and mobile app. Not too shabby!

5) FreshDirect: If you prefer cooking at home to ordering take-out and you currently live in the New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, I've got great news! FreshDirect delivery app makes shopping with grocery carts a thing of the past. As one of the biggest and leading profitable online grocers, FreshDirect makes it easy to browse food items ranging from homemade breads to in-season vegetables, fruits, meats and side dishes. All of the meat and seafood is prepared fresh on the premises of FreshDirect facilities, located minutes away from Manhattan in Long Island City. Finally, FreshDirect food experts come up with new deals and savings everyday for customers to ensure they're receiving the best products possible. The only thing making this app better is that all those groceries are delivered straight to your doorstep.

6) Snapfinger: Perhaps not as well known as its predecessors of Grub Hub & Seamless, this take-out and delivery app makes ordering from your phone as easy as, you guessed it, a snap of your fingers. Featuring over 561,000 restaurants in the United States, you have the ability to order from local favorite restaurants such as California Pizza Kitchen, Carrabba's Italian Grill & Baja Fresh. Whether you're traveling on the go or simply craving that one thing from that one restaurant you just can't think of, Snapfinger makes it easy to browse by cuisine, price and reviews all through GPS navigation location. Pre-paying with a credit card makes avoiding those lines all the sweeter.

Photo: Capt Kodak 

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Top Five Phone Apps To Have During the Holidays

By: Michele Wolfson

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Presents need to be wrapped, endless shopping needs to be taken care of, preparations for holiday parties are underway, many of us are going to the gym more than ever to compensate for our overindulgence in eggnog, cookies, cake, and other sweets in order to prevent our protruding stomach from popping our flies open... wait a minute... this actually sounds like the most DAUNTING time of the year! There is so much to do in so little time!

With all of the lists of things that need to get done, it's a wonder that anyone did it all without the help of a handy-dandy smart phone. I think my mother and I say, "How did we get by before cell phones?" on a very regular basis and she is a product of the 1950's. That baby boomer lived most of her life without a cellular device and yet it's hard for her, as well as many of us, to imagine life without one.

So why not enlist your trusty cell phone as an aid to have during this busy time of year. Here is a list of our top five smart phone apps that are helpful during the holiday season:

  1. Telenav- This is a great app that helps you find a relative or friend's house you've never been before! "Holiday traveling with kids can be a challenge" is the understatement of the year. View maps, find local businesses and driving directions with online maps, and easily send addresses to your phone for navigation. It beats other handheld GPS systems and in-car navigation systems because it's right on your phone and provides turn-by-turn directions with TeleNav GPS Navigator.
  1. Simple Soiree- If you work up the guts to throw a holiday party (bless your soul, you're a braver person than I), meet your new BFF- Simple Soiree. Start by selecting your party's theme, location, date and time. Then you can invite guests directly from your phone's contact list or from scratch. Your guests will receive an email with all the details and can click a link to RSVP; the app keeps track of those who reply "yes", "no" and "maybe." You can also create as many shopping/to-do lists as you want, i.e. menu, decor, entertainment and compile them into one big list to take with you when running errands.
  1. My Vacation: If you are going away for the holiday season, this is the app for you. My Vacation is a travel app that allows you to create a personal travelogue all from the palm of your hand. Preserve memories of your travels through photos, videos and journals. This app will let you plan and document your travels easily and create an instant photo album! Features: Plan activities and what to pack before the vacation and create a travel journal containing photos, videos, maps, journals and audio recordings. Interactively follow a playback of the trip by uploading to Facebook, Twitter and/or email.
  1. Better Christmas List: Ever find that you're making your list and checking it more than twice? In fact, you're actually checking it 500 times, crossing off names and then wondering who gets what and when and where? Yeah, I feel you. Here is an app that lets you create shopping groups for family members, friends, teachers, etc. and set and track budgets for groups or individuals. (The app conveniently alerts you when you've blown your budget.) There's also a nifty gift archive, where you can list the gifts you've purchased to avoid buying two of the same thing.
  1. Instagram/Postagram: Okay, so I am aware that these are two separate apps, but they go together hand in hand as far as I'm concerned. With these two apps, one can make a really creative and unconventional Holiday card in the form of a postcard with a customized picture. You can select a photo from your phone's photo album, Instagram, Facebook or take a shot with the app.  Selecting a photo from Instagram is the way to go because it lets you add preset filters to your photos. The filters are applied with one tap and will make all but the least inspired photographers look like they have an eye for a snap. Did I mention that Instagram is free?

The holiday season will always be a time mixed with joy and stress, but downloading and using these helpful apps is as easy as pie (even for my technologically-challenged mother, who loves her phone in spite of her ongoing war versus technology).***

Are there any phone apps that are helpful for the holiday season that you would add to this list? Please let our readers know!

***I love my mother very much and she is the most beautiful woman alive.

Photo: premasagar

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Food and Drink on Your Phone

The App world is taking food and drink creations by storm is becoming ever so easy for those looking to score a delicious dinner, figuring out how to create a perfect drink or becoming more nutrient conscious when grocery shopping. Food and drink apps are finding a way into the market of Smartphone's and it certainly is all the new craze.

If you are looking to become a little more conscious about what you are eating on a daily basis then the 'Fooducate' App is perfect for you. This App helps consumers make informed decisions while perusing the aisles of the grocery store. The App can be used in three easy steps, all it takes is scanning the bar code, seeing what's 'really inside' the item and learning the healthier alternatives for your delicious dinner. Fooducate allows you to "eat a little better".

Two new hip Cocktail Apps put a twist on finding the perfect cocktail for your next dinner party. 'Cocktails+' enables you to search over 2,000 new and old recipes on cocktail recipes throughout the world. You certainly can be the next pro mixologist using the Cocktails+ App today. If you are looking to take on a more mysterious liking to creating cocktails then 'The Bond Mixology' App is the one for you. Whichever cocktail you saw in any of the 23 infamous James Bond movies you certainly will be able to figure out how to create it using this App.

Finally, if you are trying to figure out what to make for your next intimate dinner party purchase the 'Food Network App'. Here you can stroll through over 45,000 recipes and decipher just how you are going to perfectly prepare all those fresh vegetables and flank steak you purchased at the market this morning.

Creating the perfect dinner party certainly could not be any easier then purchasing an App or two to assist you in being a James Bond, top-chef for the night.

Top 5 Smart Phone Apps That Help You Lose Weight

Can your smart phone help you lose weight? A few smart phone apps think so. TIME Magazine put together a list of the top five applications that can start the slim-down. Food diaries can make you more aware of what you're putting into your body. But writing down everything you eat can become tiresome. With Thin-cam, just point your phone at the food and take a snapshot. For an additional monthly fee, nutritionists will analyze your diet and make a plan for reaching your goals.

Another way to track what you're eating is to count calories. With the aptly named "Calorie Counter" by FatSecret, scan a barcode to record a food's nutrition information. And the application includes a huge database of dishes, making it easier to collect calorie info.

To read about the other apps Time recommends, click here.