Springtime Entertaining With Isaac Mizrahi

When we think of Isaac Mizrahi, we think of color. His bright shades of color and bold patterns make him automatically come to mind when we think of spring. Likewise, he's also inspired by spring and all of the aspects that come around this time of year. The past night's Spring Party for Good Shepherd Services was definitely evidence of that.

For those of you who follow Isaac, you would've heard about his inspiration board concept. Isaac always encourages everyone to have an inspiration board to help them organize their ideas and inspirations for a certain project or for their style in general.

The night of Isaac's fabulous Spring Party we got a chance to ask Isaac what was currently on his inspiration board and he also gave us some insight to some key entertaining tips for the spring. Here's what Isaac had to say...

What's on your inspiration board right now?

As you can tell, butterflies and flowers. I have hundreds of snippets and photos of butterflies, flowers and spring colors. I'm also currently working on my apartment right now so it's very home decor heavy. So there are plenty of swatches, paint swatches, textiles, and I'm also a bit inspired by Austria right now from the Neue Galerie, believe it or not.

What do you love to eat come springtime?

My favorite thing to eat right now is soft shelled crab! I love it in every which way. I also love strawberries, especially baking with strawberries and strawberry ice cream.

What is one great entertaining tip for this time of year?

My biggest advice would be to hire a waiter. Even if you don't cook for the actual event, hire a waiter to help you entertain. Not only will it offer some relief but it'll let you spend more time with your guest. It's a great help when you have someone else giving them or refilling drinks, someone helping you clean up, and someone there to just take the pressure of attending to your guests and running around juggling things.

Thanks Isaac for your spring tips!

What are your spring inspirations right now?

Photo: desertbotanicalgarden

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Celebrating Spring and Good Shepherd Services with Isaac Mizrahi

When the dead of winter is over, New Yorkers look out for one of the first signs of spring. No, it's not the spring blossoms blooming outside, nor the St. Germain on the cocktail menus in every restaurant. It's the first signs of bright colors on New Yorkers and on the runways from the year's spring collection. Fashion has always brought the seasons to our attention by highlighting our changing moods with the ever-changing trends and colors. But what's even more inspiring is when fashion leaders bring other causes to our attention as well, like those that can help change people's lives. One of my favorite examples of this is my friend Isaac Mizrahi and his undying support for Good Shepherd Services.

Last night, I had the pleasure of joining Isaac for his 2nd Annual Spring Party for Good Shepherd Services and to me, it was the epitome of celebrating everything spring and blossoming. The party was held at the Highline Stages and I helped to plan the menu and cater the food for the festivity. When I entered, I was amazed to see the beautiful spring decor that enveloped the room. You could tell Isaac designed it all since even smallest detail seemed to have his finesse in style and color. What was most eye-catching were the flower and butterfly centerpieces that were each designed by Isaac and were individually themed to represent spring. These were the only auctioned items at the fundraiser, and boy were they breathtaking!

What was even more astounding was the cause that the sale of each of these colorful arrangements would go to. Isaac has been a longstanding supporter of Good Shepherd Services which delivers education and leadership skills to underprivileged youth in order to provide them with a better future. As he said, "To me, education is everything, it is the future and that's why the mission of Good Shepherd Services is so important to me, because it provides just that!" His designs (and support) in last night's party not only portrayed the blossoming of spring but also the possible blossoming of futures for kids that really need it.

It was so great to be a part of last night! Our Red Rooster food was a hit, drinks ensued and later on, dancing filled the room. Check out our photos from last night below and click here for more information about Good Shepherd Services.

Photos: Cyndi Amaya

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Cooking with Isaac Mizrahi

Late last month, noted fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi invited me over to his studio/kitchen to tape a webisode for his website, www.isaacmizrahiny.com. We got to prepare the Maple-Glazed Tuna with Pear-Potato Salad recipe from New American Table and we had such an awesome time. Isaac and his team were incredibly hospitable and I can't thank them enough for inviting me over. Watch me and Isaac cook it up here.