Are Baby Carrots The New Junk Food?

We all know that familiar routine: grab a shiny bag with appealing advertising, easily pop it open, relish the snack inside with a satisfying crunch and repeat. Now imagine that snack as tasty and healthy baby carrots instead of those processed potato chips and cheese doodles we are all familiar with. This idea was exactly what Jeff Dunn, of Bolthouse Farms, and Omid Farhang, of Crispin Porter + Bogusky advertising agency, had in mind while trying to devise a strategy to make baby carrots cool again. In his entertaining and interesting article, "How Carrots Became The New Junk Food," for Fast Company, Douglas McGray details the long, but comical process of for baby carrots' new ad campaign, "Eat 'Em Like Junk Food". 

After a sharp fall and consequent stagnation in the sales of baby carrots, CEO Dunn decided it was time to rebrand and transform baby carrots into something more than just a vegetable. With the help of Farhang and his ad team, they came up with marketing idea that stood apart from the traditional vegetable advertisements promoting healthy eating and cutting calories. Instead of displaying baby carrots as the cure for junk food, they revolutionized baby carrots to be junk food. Using the same techniques and strategies as big processed snack providers like Lays and Doritos, Dunn and Farhang created cool mascots, witty commercials and attractive packaging that recall potato chip bags, to bring baby carrots back into our consciousness. One commercial depicts a model draped in silk, relishing her baby carrots while engaging the audience and drawing us in - a not-so-subtle wink at the Dove chocolate commercials on the air nowadays. With a hilarious web series, Munchies, featuring two awkwardly entertaining grocery store clerks, and a constant flow of playfully insistent tweets, baby carrots' new campaign has proven to be just the jolt Bolthouse Farms needed. Sales were up 10-12% and many schools have asked Bolthouse Farms to install new vending machines featuring baby carrots' new snack-like packaging, hopefully promoting healthy eating among our nation's youth.

Through a lot of hard work, great ideas and a bit of humor, Dunn and Farhang are changing the idea of what constitutes "junk food" for the future and are making baby carrots just a little bit more exciting. Take some baby carrots and these other healthy snacks on your next summer road trip for easy and healthful eating.

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Photo: ilovebutter on flickr