Q&A: Dee Charboneau of Juice Served Here

Juice Served Here. Photo courtesy of Dee Charboneau Three weeks ago, the juice scene in Los Angeles just got hotter. The fashion forward juice bar, Juice Served Here, opened on West Third Street bringing cold-pressed juices, nut milks, tonics, coffees, and raw dessert to the toothsome neighborhood of West Hollywood. Last week, I sat down with Head of Operations Dee Charboneau to talk about her ever ambitious entrepreneur spirit, and the opening of the much anticipated store front. Here’s what she had to say. 

Juice Served Here. Photo courtesy of Dee Charboneau

You’ve owned a variety of different businesses from owning an artist space, being a private yoga instructor, raw food coach and now the juice business. What drives your entrepreneur spirit?

I’ve always been a hustler! But honestly, I wanted to work for myself, but in a way that enriches peoples lives, and helps them transform the way they look at living a healthy lifestyle.

What brought you to the realization that you wanted to start a juice business? 

I pay a lot of attention to trends developing not only in LA, but across the states, and when Sarah Evans and I  first started our juice delivery service, Juice Maids, about three years ago, I could see that the cold-press juice business was going to be huge.

Tell me about the store opening. 

The whole idea of our location is health coupled with style. We want to bring people an amazing 100% organic product, but at the same time we want to remove the new age, granola vibe, that goes along with health and yoga businesses. We appreciate that stuff, but it’s just not who we are as a brand.

What does Juice Served Here have that makes you different then other juice stores in LA?

We have a raw bake shop that launches in the coming week. Our incredible chef, Gregory Manitsas, specializes in raw juices and desserts. We’ll have raw Tiramisu, coconut kefir pudding, and raw chocolate truffles. Everything in our store is 100% organic and 100% raw.

Do you have a cleanse program? 

D.C. We have an amazing cleanse program! Most people don’t know that we offer much more then just a storefront. Our cleanse program includes 8 drinks: 3 tonics, 3 cold-pressed juices, a green milk, a raw soup, and a super food bar for $85 a day; however, the more days you book the less it costs, a 5 day cleans is $375. That comes out to be about $75.00 a day.

If you live in the Los Angeles area be sure to stop by Juice Served here, 8366 West Third street, between Orlando and Sweetzer Avenues, West Hollywood. (323)-944-0409 or juiceservedhere.com