Beautiful Video Created By Stocktown X South Africa

Take a trip to South Africa in this colorful and beautiful video by my very good friend and talented directors Teddy Goitom and Benjamin Taft. Stocktown is an amazing project moving beyond the stereotypical stories coming out of South Africa, their documentary sets out to capture the creative energy and street vibes from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Check out their video here and become a fan of their Facebook fan page to show your support!

The Exciting Flavors Of Brooklyn Soda Works

Brooklyn is one of America's hubs of creativity in the artisan food industry.  In the pickle-packed and homemade granola-scented borough, yet another unique and fascinating food project has started up - Brooklyn Soda Works.  Antonio Ramos, a pharmaceutical chemist, and his partner, Caroline Mak, an installation artist, started experimenting with non-alcoholic carbonated juices at home for fun. After testing it on their friends, they set up at a flea market in Fort Greene with stunning success. They were quickly approached by the chef of Blue Hill, where the are currently on the menu, and set to be sold at Danny Meyer's new restaurant at the Whitney Museum, Untitled.

Though this talented couple has hired three employees to help them manage the business, they are still a small time and locally-oriented operation. In fact, their products have a shelf life of just two weeks. This limitation, they say, is to ensure that they are able to use the best and freshest ingredients.

The exciting flavors Brooklyn Soda Works has made include maple bacon, ginger and lemon, and grapefruit jalapeno honey. These are goods that you certainly won't find anywhere else!

To read more about Ramos, Mak, and Brooklyn Soda Works, go to the full New York Times article.

The Creative Culinary Potential Of Pork

Pork may still be thought of by many as "the other white meat," but the slogan's creators, the National Pork Board are switching gears. An $11 million campaign will have a new message though, "Pork: Be inspired." 82 million Americans already eat pork and that may not be because of it's similarity to chicken. However, pork is behind both chicken and beef in per capita consumption, though still at a whopping 61 pounds per person annually.

Though pork may not be as lean as it's "other white meat" competitor, chicken, the National Pork Board wants you to see the creative culinary potential of pork.

Try Pork Rinds for a savory snack or learn about Phillippino Pork Adobo.

Read more about the National Pork Board's ad campaign here.

Legendary Restaurant El Bulli is closing this year

By Editors

Ferran Adria's legendary restaurant El Bulli is closing this year.  For those who never got a chance to visit, there are two new options in the works.  This spring Adria will open a tapas bar and a separate cocktail bar in Barcelona. Called "Tickets" and "41 Degrees" respectively, these spots will be more relaxed, offering tapas for only five to six euros ($6.7 - $8). Tickets and 41 Degrees will offer Adria's fans a chance to try his innovative, experimental cuisine while El Bulli transitions into the El Bulli Foundation.

When the El Bulli Foundation opens in 2014, it will serve as a "think tank of gastronomic creativity." An unconventional, green building will house the Foundation. Although Adria announced that El Bulli will reopen as some kind of restaurant in 2014, too, he remains unsure of how it will operate.

Adria explains that he closed El Bulli because he wanted more balance in his life. But even when El Bulli shuts its doors, Adria will continue to exert a powerful influence over the food world. I'm excited to see what new ideas his Foundation comes up with in the years to come! Read more about Adria's future plans here and here.

Center Of Creativity

At this week's Madrid Fusion gastronomic conference, Ferran Adria, the famous founder of molecular gastronomy, divulged the details of his new venture, elBullifoundation. He plans to open a center of creativity in 2014 -- and the structure itself might be just as out there and exciting as Adria's culinary inventions. Architecturally, Adria plans for ceramic coral- and glass bell-shaped structures. There will even be an algae-pool to absorb any CO2 emissions and full-solar energy power.  This is the unconventional setting at which Adria hopes to push molecular gastronomy even further!

Although this means closing the doors of his 3-Michelin star restaurant, el Bulli, Adria assures his fans that this is a step forward and a way to give back to the world. elBullifoundation seeks to innovate by working with around 30 "culinary scholars" a year to work with Adria at the zero-emissions complex. Daily clips of the chefs' and scientists' activities will be broadcast online to the foundation's website.

Culinary enthusiasts are curious about what dining opportunities will be offered at the elBullifoundation. Adria says it will be by invitation only, no reservations, and may not only be gastronomes, but anyone he thinks will provide good feedback, including schoolchildren.

To read more, go to the original article here.