August Restaurant Hosts "Summer in the Hudson Valley"

Can't make it up to Harlem for "Krawfish + Kraftor Party?" No worries! Our pan-European cuisine restaurant in West Village, August, is also hosting an exciting event on August 15th that is not to be missed!  On that night, August Executive Chef Jordan Frosolone and staff will feature farmer Rick Bishop from the popular Mountain Sweet Berry Farm for an insightful presentation as well as a four-course prix fixe meal to celebrate the many flavors of the Hudson Valley. All menu items are based on what farmer Bishop grows on Mountain Sweet Berry Farm. We're calling it, "Summer in the Hudson Valley!"

The $60 to-die-for menu will include:

  • Sucrine Salad with Beets, Wax Beans, and Chervil
  • Rigatoni with Canestrino Tomatoes, Zucchini and Squash Blossom
  • Roasted Lola Duck with Leg Confit, Baby Leeks, Spigarello and Strawberries
  • Charentaise Melon Trifle with Lemon Verbena

Wine pairing is also available with the meal for an additional $40.

So come and meet Rick Bishop from Mountain Sweet Berry Farm and learn about this local farm, as well as experience it yourself through an incredible summer menu! Dinner starts at 6:30pm. Call August today to reserve your seat for this awesome event.

To make a reservation, please call 212-929-8727. Come experience a Summer in the Hudson Valley!

My Five Favorites

I often get asked what my current likes and fascinations are. So here's a look at some of my five favorite things right now:

5) Chef George Mendes's Warm Bread Salad, Acorda, that he served at the Red Rooster when we recently hosted CNN Eatocracy's Secret Supper.

4) Edun Pants and their Men's Summer Collection.

3) August's Chef Jordan Frosolone's Potato Gnocchi.

2) Rupert Murdoch's Wife's Fighting Skills! Did you see how she leapt to her husband's defense against a pie attacker?

1) My number one favorite right now has to be Curried Chitlins'! We served some on Monday at the Red Rooster for our inaugural "Chicken and Champagne" night.

Check back later on for some more of my favorites.

What are your favorites for the moment?


New Brunch Dishes at August and Red Rooster

One of the best parts of any weekend is often brunch. Maybe because you can only have this meal on the weekends, brunch is made for lazy, friend-centric Saturday and Sunday mornings. It's also a great time to try out new restaurants. Often, a restaurant's brunch menu offers a way to try out their cuisine without spending a lot of money. If you're in New York City this weekend, check out August in the West Village for a delicious Croque Madame Italien, as featured in Time Out New York's roundup of 23 new brunch dishes. You can't go wrong with this hearty breakfast, which sandwiches salty cured coppa and Taleggio, a pungent semi-soft cheese from Italy, between two slices of country bread. The sandwich gets it's feminine name from the signature egg on top, which transforms the sandwich from a Croque Monsieur into a Croque Madame. Don't worry about the richness, either, this satisfying meal comes with a salad of piquant arugula.

If you'd rather something uptown, try the two new Red Rooster dishes included in TONY's roundup: Creole Red Grits with Grilled Shrimp and Crab or Lamb and Sweet Potato Hash.

If you're not in NYC, you can create some of these dishes at home! Check out the recipe for the Lamb and Sweet Potato Hash for a fun weekend recipe, or use up some leftover bread with a Croque Madame-style Chorizo Breakfast Sandwich Recipe.

Pink Pork is Safe to Eat

After many years of cooking pork to white-fleshed chewy safe temperature, the USDA has announced that it safe to cook pork until pink on the inside, or about 145 degrees. This year, the National Pork Board changed its slogan from "the other white meat" to "Pork: Be Inspired." This new slogan was released a few months before the new temperature for cooking safety was announced. There are so many ways to enjoy pork, whether it's cured pork, such as guanciale, prosciutto, or even pig ears, which are a recent trend. Pork is especially great for barbecuing, so this new temperature has come just in time for Memorial Day. Or if you're just looking for a romantic dinner for two, try making a Pork Chops in a Maple-Mustard Sauce with Apple-Cabbage Slaw Recipe.

No time to cook? August Restaurant has a delicious Pork dish, debuting on the menu tonight. The pork is 100% Berkshire breed from Snake River Farms and is brined with aromatics then grilled and served with potatoes, escarole and roasted hen of the woods mushrooms. Try it at August this weekend! Call (212) 929-8727 and let them know you found it here.

What's your favorite way to cook pork?

An Interview with August Restaurant's New Chef, Jordan Frosolone

I'm excited to announce that Jordan Frosolone is the new chef at August in the West Village. Bringing great experience from his Chef de Cuisine position at Hearth, Chef Jordan also has a breadth of knowledge from fantastic Chicago kitchens (Blackbird, Coco Pazzo, and Nomi). It's great to have him on board at August and to celebrate his arrival at August, we interviewed him about all things food. 

How did you start cooking?

JF: I started out in school for music. I spent two years there and was leaning more towards education than performing. I took a job at a kitchen in Chicago, because that was another interest that I had. Immediately I knew that it was a good fit. That was at Coco Pazzo in 1998.

What is your favorite thing to cook?

JF: I don't have a favorite. I just like food in general. I think fish is a really elegant, beautiful creature, so I like to play around with seafood.

Do you have favorite spring ingredients?

JF: Spring is an exciting time in general. We're coming out of the dormant season. On the East Coast we really see a change of the season and the energy. Food is so much more vibrant in spring. I love asparagus, fava beans, peas, spring onions.

What's an ideal meal for you?

JF: Something straightforward and simple. I love to go out, and have a dining experience, but that craving is much fewer and far between.

It would be something simple: a huge salad with a simple piece of meat or a simply roasted fish. Or it could be a great ethnic restaurant that is the antithesis of what I surround myself with all day.

Would you be willing to share a kitchen tip?

JF: Keep a lot of tasting spoons and clean towels on hand.

What's your cooking style?

JF: Straightforward, clean, focused, and balanced. I want it to be evident what you're eating, and all your senses are engaged.

Do you cook differently at home?

JF: It might be one or two pot dishes, something simple. But it's similar to being in a restaurant in that I'll prep in the morning and that way if we have people over it's simple to finish the dishes.

Become a fan of August's Facebook page and make your reservation tonight!

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