Welcome to New York: Uptown Brasserie

Uptown Brasserie

When it comes to food while traveling, we should never compromise.  When traveling the globe for work or pleasure, we end up eating at some of the best places—some people even seeking out certain destinations because of their cuisine. Yet why can’t airports offer an amazing meal while you are en route to your vacation? Why are we forced to eat only fast food or prepackaged sandwiches when we are on business trips with three, four or five different destinations? Not only have we come to expect that airport food will be overpriced, tasteless and junk, but we have accepted it.  The new terminal at JFK is bent on breaking that mold.

Terminal 4 opened for business last Friday, with my new restaurant Uptown Brasserie joining the company of Shake Shack and Blue Smoke, the Cake Tin, and La Brea Bakery.  Dedicated to bringing real food to travelers each new restaurant has made a pact to go above and beyond to make  air travel the best it can be from start to finish.

Uptown Brasserie pays homage to international classics with a little New York influence. If you haven’t had a chance to make it to Red Rooster to try Helga’s meatballs, or the Yardbird, now is your chance!  In the center of the restaurant is a communal table that draws back to that uptown feeling of a fun, vibrant and social atmosphere, much like the vibe at Rooster.  We’ve created a feeling of warmth and elegance in a space that otherwise might have had the same sterile feel that most airports embody.  If you don’t have time for a full meal or just need to ease those pre-flight nerves, grab a seat at the bar and choose from a list of classic cocktails and re-inventions on some of my favorites or a bottle of gruner veltliner!

Craft Beer at Uptown Brasserie

Like any new restaurant, we are still finding our footing, working out our routine and welcoming the best new faces to join our family.  We ask you to leave your sandwich at home, skip the line for fast food and stop by to learn what it means to eat at an airport that has finally caught up with 21st century fun dining.

Communal Dining at Uptown Brasserie



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