Colonie: Bruijkleen for Brunch

Brunch service at Colonie, Bruijkleen Named in honor of the Dutch who first came to Bruijkleen (Brooklyn), Colonie is a pioneer for the new food frontier in the Brooklyn Heights food scene. Since their opening in 2011, Colonie has been dishing out fresh, local ingredients in simple yet exquisite ways. Not to mention the décor, which when done by Public and Double Crown vets, Tamer Hamawi, Emelie Kihlstrom and Elise Rosenberg, you know it's nothing short of perfection--from the rustic wood planked ceilings and living wall all the way down to the multi-purpose menu placemats.

Two years ago my boyfriend and I came to this Brooklyn Heights gem on one of our first brunch dates and quickly realized we were ruined to go anywhere else. From the bright smiles that greet you as you walk in the door to great dishes like the Seasonal Special shown above (even to the Beatles White Album meets Jay-Z's Black Album with a hint of Motown soundtrack), every detail is thought of and most of all, they make you feel at home.

Looking for more brunch ideas?

If it's your first time trying Colonie for brunch you must sit at the kitchen bar. You will be mesmerized by their synchronized movements and ability to time everything just right; especially in front of an audience. Start with their signature bloody mary that involves jalapeño, cilantro and sherry along with usual suspects. If you're looking to keep it booze-free try one of there many fresh squeezed/pressed juices like apple, grapefruit, orange and cucumber.

The magnificent array of eggs just about any way you like or anything topped with such makes this an egg lovers paradise: Eggs "benny" as they like to call out when the order comes in, ramp and gruyere scramble (seasonal and sometimes with leeks) and the naughty duck hash topped with a perfectly poached egg. Even for you brunchers of which eggs aren't your thing, there are plenty of sans egg options: comforting shrimp and grits, sweet and earthy beet salad with local ricotta and pomegranate, or maybe you'd like a Nordic delight of gravlax (cured salmon) with rosti and dill creme fraiche. For those of you with a sweet tooth there are delightful and airy doughnuts filled with rhubarb jam, Nutella, or salted caramel custard (oh my!). Or how about beautiful billowy pancakes or light and lovely french toast both served with seasonal fruit compote and whipped crème fraîche.

So if you are looking for a new spot to try this weekend, look no further, your brunch Mecca has arrived. They've got something for every taste, and a cure for any hangover. In fact, you can even order three entrees amongst two of you and no judgements will be passed. Trust me, this theory has been tested on several occasions. Not even a blink of an eye.


Kitchen Bar at Colonie