An Amazing Day Uptown

_DSC0407 It was a colder than normal day in late March, but the Red Rooster family came out early on a Saturday morning to be a part of a historic picture set to publish in the New York TimesOutside the whole block in front of the restaurant was shut down to accomodate the photographer's lights, crane and platform that was used to capture nearly 150 of our staff, from line cooks to servers, dish washers to hostesses. Our special regulars were there--Vy, Thelma, David Ellis, Rakiem, Qool Marv--and it was an awesome sight to see everyone dressed to the nines. Some even brought their children to share the momentous day with us. It felt like no other place in the world. Many times we have felt the North Star is Harlem and we feel lucky to be a part of it.

"The dining room is our work space and it was moving to see the whole staff sitting at the tables all together while we waited to take this family photo. Having been a part of Rooster since we opened, it was fitting we were signing along to Drake 'Started from the bottom now we here...'"

-Nicolette Balmer, Hostess


Rooster Times shoot

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