RECIPE ROUNDUP: The Holiday Punch Bowl

holiday punch

Probably one of the oldest traditions around the holidays is the punch bowl, though its history started elsewhere.

Punch was the drink of sailors and seamen, who  started making punch as early as the 17th century during ocean-crossing journeys that brought them into warm waters. History books claim that the warm temperatures of the tropics would turn the sailors' beer flat and rancid, so they were forced to become resourceful with their booze. They turned to the ingredients that were indigenious to their destinations; rum, spices and tropical fruit. What resulted is one of the most celebratory genres of food and drink.

Here are a few punch favorites, hot and cold, that will undoubtedly impress your holiday guests and keep them toasty all night long!


Tom & Jerry

Snowbird Punch


Pomegranate Sparkler

Cran-Ginger Swizzle