Happy Hour: The Perfect Negroni

photo: Kenn Wilson Warm weather and a Negroni go hand in hand. It's always my go-to in the summer months: light and complex, refreshing and robust. And with only 3 ingredients, it's so absolutely easy to make!  In order to craft it perfect every time, it's important to measure out the ingredients. The Negroni, in particular, is best when the 3 powerful parts are precise. Too much Campari and it'll be unpleasantly bitter. Too much sweet vermouth and you guessed it, too sweet. And then of course there is the garnish. The aromatics of the orange peel are crucial in bringing the flavors together and making it feel like summer will never end, as long as you've got one of these. Have a look:


3/4  oz. sweet vermouth

3/4 oz. Campari

1-1/2 oz. London dry gin

1 thin orange peel, for garnish


On the rocks (my personal favorite): Combine ingredients over cracked ice (or large ice cubes) in an old-fashioned glass, and stir until glass becomes cold to ensure the drink is properly combined. Then twist peel over the drink to fragrance the cocktail and then drop into the drink for garnish.

Straight Up: Chill a martini glass in the freezer or fill with ice cubes and a bit of water. Then pour ingredients over cracked ice (or large ice cubes) into a cocktail shaker and shake until shaker becomes frosted on the outside. Remove the glass from the freezer or empty the ice and water and then strain the cocktail into the glass. Twist orange peel over the drink and then drop it in for garnish.