Eat Globally, Eat Better!

I was honored to spend a few hours at the Huffington Post Oasis at the RNC and DNC these past two weeks, talking about how to eat globally to eat better. I couldn't have asked for a better response from both those who came up to me at the conventions and those who commented on my recent blog on this topic, but the one thing almost everyone asked me for is for some more ideas for incorporating this idea into their daily lives! So with some help of my friends at and, here are 10 of my favorite recipes that highlight dishes that are so full of flavor you don't have to eat a lot. Some are quick and easy and some take a bit more time, but I guarantee all of them will make you feel better from the inside-out.

My latest article from Huffington Post:

1) I love ramen and have been experimenting with ways to make the meal lighter. Here I use white wine with the miso broth and add a good amount of spice and fresh corn to brighten the dish.

2) Inspired by Vietnamese summer salads, this dish gets its bold flavor from fresh limes, pungent fish sauce and spicy jalapeno in the vinaigrette.

3) When mixed with equal proportions of water, chickpea flour can be an egg-replacer for vegan recipes. Used to make pakoras and papadums prevalent in Indian cooking, this gluten-free flour is high in protein, making it a great base to this warm chickpea and tomato salad.

4) Turns out India digs scrambled eggs for brunch, too. This version gets its spice from chilies, earthiness from cumin and fresh brightness from cilantro.

5) Yes, that’s a whole head of cauliflower. With a crush of pistachios and a surprise sprinkling of white chocolate, this dish gives vegetarians a whole new reason to feel good about their food.

6) Who would have thought of using avocados for a pasta sauce? It’s a pretty genius alternative to Fettuccine Alfredo, especially when the creaminess comes from these ripe fruits instead of a heavy addition of cream and butter.

7) Some people love them or hate them, but fresh artichokes give this pasta an earthy bite that is punctuated with fresh citrus zest and Kalamata olives.

8) A nice alternative to tuna, fresh scallops get a spicy kick from that ubiquitous “Rooster” sauce, Sriracha. Served in cucumber cups, it’s the perfect bite to serve at a party.

9) Here, I take a page from Japanese cooks and rub bass fillets with just a little bit of sesame and miso, quickly grill them, and serve them with a sour tomato broth to support the fish’s dense, firm texture and meaty flavor.

10) Feel like converting the salad to hors d'oeuvres? Just skewer alternating cubes of watermelon and manchego and plate on a smear of arugula pesto. Try your own ingredient combinations for easy variation.