Deviled Eggs that Ditch the Cholesterol

Photo: pietroizzo For as long as I can remember, deviled eggs have been one of my absolute favorite foods. Maybe it's my Southern roots. I still remember sitting on the beach as a little girl, watching anxiously as my mom pulled the rectangular plastic container of delectable deviled eggs out of the bright red ice chest. Cholesterol wasn't in the dietary vocabulary then and I just LOVED deviled eggs! Now I know the challenges with munching on too many pieces as a snack. The whites are jammed with lean protein but the yolks come with a little too much cholesterol for snack status. Add the salt from typical jarred mustard and the sprinkled-in salt, along with fat from standard mayo and all of a sudden you can't munch on those creamy deviled eggs quite as freely as you might like.

I can't give up deviled eggs and truthfully, I don't want to have to count the pieces so closely. I created this recipe to solve a personal problem. I've swapped out garbanzo beans for most of the yolks which reduces the cholesterol and saturated fat while adding a little bean-goodness. I've reduced the sodium by creating a homemade mustard blend, adding flavor without so much sodium. Now, I have a creamy, low-cholesterol deviled egg with a fraction of the standard sodium--the perfect way to enjoy those beautifully-colored Easter Eggs hanging out in the fridge and keep my body hopping at the same time.

Photo: Andrew Scrivani

Deviled eggs aren't just for Easter. They're great any time of the year. Remember these when you're planning a picnic, setting up an appetizer buffet, or putting snacks in the fridge. Think of this recipe as a healthful springboard. If you're in the mood, stir in chopped Canadian Bacon or low-sodium tuna for added flavor. Drape a small sliver of smoked salmon over the top and sprinkle with dill for a great addition to a brunch table. If you're lucky enough to have it, smoked trout also makes a tasty topper.

RECIPE: Healthy Deviled Eggs