Cheftestant Profile: Shehu

As the competition heats up on The Taste, we're getting in touch with our favorite cheftestants to hear about their experiences on the show. Third up is #TeamMarcus member Shehu, also a proud member of Team NYC!

(Photo from Shehu Fitzgerald)

What was your first thought when you were chosen? "Phew!!!! O.K., time to get busy and get back at the stoves... What will I cook first!?!?!"

How did you choose Marcus to be your mentor? Picking Marcus was easy... #TeamNYC!! Plus, I'm a fan of his cooking style!

What was your greatest challenge over the course of the show? The biggest challenge I had was trying to figure out what the judges like and how to win over their votes.

What is the most lasting lesson of the competition that you have learned? Keep it simple, cook with your heart, and cook your food.

(Photos from Shehu Fitzgerald)

Do you have a signature dish? Yes, I have few dishes I like to make, but one is seared sea scallops with salsify puree and a red wine reduction.

What's your favorite ingredient to cook with? Sweet Thai chili.