NYC Subway Series: Red Rooster at Yankee Stadium

Summertime without baseball in America is like the summer without lemonade. And although I’m more of a soccer buff than a baseball fan, I highly admire the sport so I was thrilled to visit Yankee Stadium this past Saturday. I went to serve up some Red Rooster baseball food for part of MasterCard’s Priceless NY program. We set up shop in the new Yankee Stadium’s Batter’s Eye Café with some Red Rooster versions of baseball sliders-- shredded lamb with mint yogurt, Berbere chicken with coleslaw and Swedish meatball sliders, as well as our famous sweet potato donuts.

Joining us were two veteran Yankees, David Cone and Lee Mazilli, signing autographs for fans and it was an honor to meet both of them. It was also truly great to see them interact with their fans, especially the kids. I love seeing how involved Americans are within sports and I think the athlete’s interaction with fans is so different in this country as compared to others; there is such a close connection that’s so inspiring to see.

I always jump at the chance to visit Yankee Stadium; it’s such a beautiful structure and I’m glad it’s located in the Bronx since that stretches out the City and allows people to come uptown and see a different part of NYC. Another great detail about Saturday’s game was that it was a Subway Series game, where the Yankees played the Mets, so the stadium was full of New York fans all around. Everyone wore their Yankee or Mets colors and cheered for their teams with so much pride--always a joy to see!

Check out some photos for the event below…

What’s your favorite baseball team?

Photos: Cyndi Amaya