Greetings from Norda

Greetings from Sweden!

I came by to check up on Norda Bar & Grill and see their amazing progress. I wanted to pop over here before I started my book tour for Yes, Chef--I’m really impressed with our Norda team and response has been great from our patrons. I love that I have the chance to be able to show Gothenburg a taste of New York City and the menu mix of the East Coast and Sweden seems like a hit.

While I’m here in Sweden, one of Norda’s greats, Pastry Sous Chef Jimmy Wigh is in New York as we speak. He paid us a visit as guest chef at Red Rooster where he dished out two special desserts, the Cloud and the Princess Cake. Jimmy got a chance to see how a New York City kitchen works and plans to come back and see us soon. Be sure to check out Jimmy’s blog to see other great dessert innovations from him and the rest of the Norda pastry team.

It’s back to work for me at Norda, but meanwhile here are a few photos of my visit here so far…