Sneak Peek: Spicy Chocolate Cookies at the Nook

The Nook at Red Rooster launches September 14th, and we're giving you guys a sneak peek of the goodies we're going to sell out of our window. Today it's a taste of pastry chef Deborah Racicot's chocolate-y creations--a combo of sweet and spicy, we tried each flavor and haven't picked our favorite just yet. 

Above is Debra's take on a Skor bar (remember those?) with a crunchy addition of toasted barley and peanuts. It's work in progress and you can say the team has no problem being the guinea pigs for these tasty treats. Stay tuned for a look at all the goodies that will be available from the Nook--think danishes and donuts to sandwiches and fresh juices. And rumor has it there'll be some surprises at night as well.