Young Foodies

For many millennials, the recession has encouraged a break from traditional employment, to seek out job satisfaction in the kitchen. A group of young food entrepreneurs is growing in Boston. Leigh Foster and Rachel Marshall are friends and co-owners of Nella Pasta. After working in a design firm together, they left to start their pasta making enterprise. They operate out of CropCircle Kitchen, a shared professional kitchen space that 22 food companies share.

Other young entrepreneurs enjoy the receptive atmosphere of Boston. Lawrence Hester, a former Wall Street trader walked away from his six-figure salary to start Emmiez Croutons, a gourmet crouton company. He enjoys the lifestyle of making his own product, in Boston's laid-back culture.

Gourmet s'mores are Lydia Blanchard's specialty. Her company, Sweet Lydia's, makes peppermint s'mored dipped in hot chocolate, as well as chocolate-covered toasted marshmallow and graham crackers. She cites the freedom from cubicles and bosses are what keeps her motivated, even when working 70-hour work weeks with bare minimum pay.

I'm super impressed with the drive of these young food makers!

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