YMCA Grosvenor House Gets Rescued

For the past few months I worked with George Oliphant and the "George to the Rescue" team to rebuild the kitchen at the YMCA Grosvenor House. Grosvenor Neighborhood House is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and their families gain economic and personal self-sufficiency, and they provide year-round educational and recreational services. They also provide food education to the children so you can only imagine how important a proper kitchen is for their daily needs.

You should have seen this kitchen when we first walked in. Budgetary concerns had limited the Grosvenor House's ability to update any appliances and the grill was caked with rust. You wouldn't even want to eat an apple in that kitchen. To make matters worse, when George and contractor Stephen Fanuka inspected the area, they found abestos in the ceiling.

But with the magic of NBC and a dedicated team, the results were amazing.....just amazing. I helped George select pantry and fresh food items from Fairway and we loaded up the new kitchen with fruits, veggies, healthy grains, and all the equipment the Y was missing. And you should have seen the kids faces when they saw the reveal--these children are so precocious and it was so great to know they now have a place to learn how to cook healthy and nutritious meals. It takes just one family member to start a cycle of healthy change, and I know these children at the Grosvenor House will do just that.

If you missed the show, you can still catch the full episode below:

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