World's Best Restaurant - Noma in Copenhagen by Rene Redzepi

Rene Redzepi, of Copenhagen's Noma Restaurant, is doing very exciting things right now with Scandinavian Cuisine. I enjoyed this article in the British Financial Times about this exciting young chef. At his restaurant, vegetables are star in dishes with ingredients sourced exclusively from the Scandinavian countries. As a fellow Scandinavian, I admire his "radical Nordic cuisine" and hyper-seasonality. Redzepi is a true chef, he says he never has days off. He said, "Everything you do, everywhere you go, you're always thinking about food.  Your whole life is food."  It's clear that his dedication has paid off, his restaurant just surpassed El Bulli as the "world's best restaurant" at the San Pellegrino Awards in 2010.

I can't wait to try his food, which all has a "link to [its] original environment."  Next time I head home to Sweden, I'll have to make a detour to Denmark.

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