World AIDS Day

Although we've come so far in research with AIDS, and with World AIDS Day today, I wanted to bring awareness to how far we need to go to help solve the epidemic.  Alicia Keys is doing a fantastic job with HIV/AIDS awareness at the foundation she co-founded, Keep a Child Alive.  They provide treatment and support to families affected by HIV/AIDS and are involved in a fundraiser called Buy Life for World AIDS Day 2010 that you should check out.

Ms. Keys foundation has created a movement to get donations to fight against HIV/AIDS through the "Digital Death" of several well known celebrities.  Serena Williams, Usher, Kim Kardashian and more are involved in this fundraiser through which they will stop communication through their Facebook and Twitter accounts until 1 million dollars is raised through

As we begin a new decade, I hope for progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Read more about World AIDS Day and check out Alicia Keys' foundation.

Read more about the Digital Death fundraiser on the New York Times Prototype column here.