Women-Only Beer

Craft beer has been a boy's club, but now, women are beginning to break into the industry. Women still remain a small presence in the brewing community-their influence, however, is growing, and beer's glass ceiling has been cracked. Megan Parisi, Whitney Thompson, and Laura Ulrich, three female brewers, are working on a collaborative beer called "Project Venus." The trio is trying to draw attention to the growing force of women in the craft beer movement. As more women drink beer, and craft beer at that, there's now a definite place for women in the industry.

While the industry is generally welcoming, pressure remains for women to conform with the masculine brewing atmosphere. The Pink Boots Society intends to bring even more women into the industry. Women-only beer events at bars, seminars, scholarships, and a forum for conversation number among the Society's projects. The rise of female mixologists is helping to increase craft beer awareness as well.

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