Wired Magazine's Blog The Frontal Cortex - Why Making Dinner is a Good Idea

I think food always tastes best when I've put work into it. When I sit down to my meal to enjoy the fruits of my labor, it's really rewarding. Check out some of my recipes like my Carrot-Cranberry Chutney, Corn Mashed Potatoes, or Latkes with Apple-Horseradish Sauce for your own delicious meal. An article called "Why Making Dinner Is a Good Idea" on Wired Magazine's Blog The Frontal Cortex verifies that making your own food has benefits beyond the taste of the meal. The Ikea Effect is a psychological bias that says that we like what we have put work into, similar to building your own Ikea furniture. In a study of mice's taste preferences, the harder they had to work for a drop of sugar water, the more they preferred that reward. Author Jonah Lehrer concludes that taking the time to make dinner makes food taste more delicious. I would have to agree!

I invite you to take time to make dinner tonight, and taste the delicious rewards.

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