Wild Foie Gras

Back in June, I posted my winning recipe from Top Chef Masters for Foie Gras Ganache. I was excited to read about this wild foie gras on The Atlantic.  Hank Shaw, the writer of Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, found wild foie in the waterfowl he hunted in California.  He seared the liver, which reminded me of my surprise when I came to America and learned about this preparation of foie.  In Europe and growing up, we ate it in a terrine, or out of a can. Wild foie in California comes from "Waterfowl recovering from their migrations" and "the rice industry."  This bounty of food coupled with the time of year when waterfowl are apt to be extra hungry engages "the thrifty gene", encouraging ducks and geese them to gorge themselves.  I'm intrigued by this natural way to find foie gras and would love to try some.

Read more about this phenomenon here.