Wild Caught Pacific Blue Nose Sea Bass

Weekly Dish Recommendation: Wild Caught Pacific Blue Nose Sea Bass at LaSalette

As the winter weather chills the New York air, I find myself thinking of the beautiful and warm west coast. In California, the food is fresh, focused on ingredients, and reflects the local region. Portuguese restaurant LaSalette in Sonoma focuses on a Mediterranean-influenced take on these Northern Californian standards.

LaSalette is a hidden gem, located at the end of a quiet alley. This tucked away restaurant transports you to the Mediterranean whether you are sitting on the patio or in the warm, homey interior.

The standout dish is the Wild-Caught Pacific Blue Nose Sea Bass. First the fish is seared, resulting in a crisp exterior. It's then wood-roasted, and served over a bundle of collard greens and grilled yellow corn. I love that this restaurant unites the Mediterranean and Northern California, it sounds delightful right now!