Where To Go at This Weekend's SOBE Wine and Food Festival 2012

The SOBE Wine and Food Festival is current underway, down in Florida's Miami Beach area. Supported by sponsorships from The Food Network, Food and Wine Magazine, and American Express, among other companies, this four-day event (Thursday through Sunday, February 23-26) promises to be a gastronomical extravaganza, catering to culinary enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs alike. While many events, such as The Flavors of Flay presented by Certified Angus Beef--a thorough sampling of Chef Bobby Flay's restaurant empire--are sold out, you can still score tickets to numerous SOBE Wine and Food festival events.

So if you live in South Florida and want a last-minute weekend activity, or if you are willing to do the necessary travel at the drop of the hat, consider one or several of these attractions.

For a complete listing of this year's WFF events, click here.

  • Fun and Fit as a Family sponsored by Carnival featuring Kellogg's Kidz Kitchen: $20, 10am-5pm, Sat.-Sun. Feb. 25 and 26. Expose your children to kid-friendly, yet parent-approved, cuisine. Let Food Network stars Guy Fieri and Rachael Ray teach the basics of healthy eating. Meanwhile, for hands-on entertainment, there will be a food garden, beach sports to play, and an interactive kitchen. For more information, and to order tickets, click here.
  • American Cheese with Laura Werlin & Anthony Giglio: $85, 11am-12pm, Sat. Feb. 25. If you think that domestic cheese is limited to Kraft Singles and Velveeta, then be prepared for an eye-opening experience. The dynamic and comedic host duo, comprising of cheese maven Laura Werlin and "Wine Wise Guy" Anthony Giglio, will present eight cheeses and six wines--all from the USA. They will share their tips and techniques for wine and cheese pairings, so that you can dazzle your next round of dinner party guests. For more information, including location and the menu, and to order tickets, click here. (This event is restricted to audience members aged 21 years or older. Always remember to drink responsibly.)
  • Talking with My Mouth Full with Gail Simmons and Josh Wesson: $85, 1-2pm, Sun. Feb. 26. Gail Simmons, when not contributing to countless food festivals, is the Special Projects Director at Food and Wine Magazine, a judge on Top Chef, and, most recently, an author. In this special sneak peek and live discussion of her Talking With My Mouth Full: My Life As A Professional Eater, Simmons will share five of her favorite recipes from this new book. (And yes, it will culminate with a dessert!) To further the occasion, internationally-known sommelier Josh Wesson will complement each of Simmons' dishes with a different wine, for five distinct pairings. For the location, the menu, and further information, and to order tickets, click here.
  • Momofuku Milk Bar Desserts with Christina Tosi and Andrea Robinson: $110, 5-6pm, Sat. Feb. 25: Dessert enthusiasts should immediately flock to this event before it is too late. Christina Tosi, head pastry chef at Momofuku Milk Bar, will share her favorite recipes from her new cookbook, The Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook. As an extra bonus, each ticket-paying patron will receive a free copy of the cookbook! Several dessert wines, as selected by Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson, will be served alongside the Momofuku desserts. To see the menu, to find the location, and to learn more about this event, as well as to order your tickets, click here.
  • Whole Foods Market Grand Tasting Village: $225, 11am-6pm, Sun. Feb 26. If you are the particular type of food fan who cherishes live face time with your heroes, then this event should be the one to attend. Bold cuisine, excellent wines, and specially-crafted spirits will be present all day, under the signature white beach-side tents. Throughout the day, some of The Food Network's most venerable all-stars, including Masaharu Morimoto, Paula Deen, and Anthony Bourdain, will lead demonstrations and sign books. For the complete lowdown, click here.

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