When Food and Technology Meet

It's amazing to think how far technology has advanced and has changed the way we live and go about our daily routines. It has infiltrated every industry and the food industry is no exception. Although cooking and preparing food is a very primitive action, technology continues to improve and change how we cook our food, with "molecular gastronomy" or modern cooking techniques as a great example.

Through technology and social networking I'm able to keep in constant contact with you and share not only my recipes but also news and events that I'm currently involved in. That's why I was glad to contribute on Food + Tech Connect recently on how technology has helped the food industry.

To read my article, click here. In this post, I shared how technology and social networking has helped me spread awareness about the issues I care about most as well as to why I founded our sister site, Food Republic.

To learn more about Food + Tech Connect, click here.

How has technology helped you share what you're most passionate about?

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