What's Your Favorite Grammy Nominee Eating?

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

Have you wondered what food your favorite musician just can't live without? Is it just me or have you also seriously stopped to think at times, "What is Beyonce eating right now?" Just because musicians may be megastars doesn't mean they don't like certain foods as much as we do, too. Of course, their workout regimens may definitely be different to ours, but that's beside the point.

Well in case you too have wondered what the big music stars are eating these days, to commemorate the Grammy's this Sunday here is a look at the diversity of dishes artists love from around America.

First things first, let's add a little soul to this party, or soul food for that matter. The one and only Beyonce's favorite food is soul food. Growing up with delicious Southern home cooking, whenever she steps foot at the dinner table, her passion for food shines through. It's no wonder she continually creates masterpieces of song collections, her food along with her music are all based around the beauty of the soul.

Katy Perry, with her unconventional style and unique voice has a unique palate that extends from Thai food to ice cream. One can say that her food choices go along with her eccentric lifestyle. This of course is what has made her the big bucks, so if she feels like eating Mexican and crepes in the same night, all the power to her.

The all-powerful Adam Levine of Maroon 5, is certainly making a name for himself through the likes of his band and being centre-stage on 'The Voice', yet he sticks to the traditional 'meat and potatoes' dishes, just as many hard working males do. Another food of choice for Levine is pizza, which explains his assurance of always looking good for the camera as he of course is getting all his food groups on just one slice of pizza.

Lastly, Rihanna, the all-powerful singer cannot live without spicy chicken. Of course one has to wonder how she can look so fit, all the while she devours in this spicy dish, but it is mostly due to her intense exercise routine that continually enables her to strut her stuff no matter where she is in the world.

What are your favorite foods that you can't live without?

Melaina is from a small town in Ontario, Canada and as an avid environmentalist with a passion for focusing on healthy living. Having traveled the world and written about it every step of the way, she one day hopes to develop unique environmental educational programs for kids.

Photos: cattias.photos, AlexKormisPS (ALM), & Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

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