What's "Fresh" at Red Rooster Harlem?

Drink Day with Elizabetta Tekeste

Welcome back to another Drink Day! This week I want to touch upon THE beverage of all beverages...H20!

Friday, after a lot of heart, sweat and I'm sure tears the gracious team at Red Rooster Harlem opened the doors to one of the most anticipated restaurants in 2010.

To get the most out of Chef Samuelsson's creations I recommend pairing everything on the menu with their Fresh Nordaq water.

I was at the tasting last Thursday where founder and CEO, Robert Hahmann of Fresh Nordaq spoke of the newly installed filtration system at the Rooster.

Before us was a man passionate about clean, delicious water and its benefits. I too, support the cause. For many years now I've been of the mind that impure water affects not only our health, but also our thoughts. If we are what we eat, it's safe to assume we are also what we drink. Pure water equals pure mind and body.

It turns out Robert agrees and takes it one step further. According to him the impurities in tap water, which include but are not limited to chlorine and fluoride, impart a taste on the tongue that alters how you taste food and beverages. The entire staff at Red Rooster tested his hypothesis by first taking a sip of tap water, then wine. They repeated the process a second time but with Fresh Nordaq water.  Believers and non-believers alike uniformly agreed the wine tasted better with Fresh on the palette. The tannins reacted differently changing the entire experience of their vin rouge.

Pretty neat, right?

And their commitment spans beyond human health to environmental conservation. The water is filtered (while preserving healthy salts and minerals) then bottled on-site in beautifully sleek bottles that are cleaned and re-used. Plastic bottles are not in the equation.

I tested the difference Fresh made on coffee while at the Rooster this weekend while preparing their exclusive blend of coffee (to be covered at a later date). It made premium coffee, ultra-premium.

Fresh Nordaq says three of the world's top ten restaurants offer their water. I say, now four do.

Order your bottle of Fresh Nordaq sparkling or still and partake in the entire experience that is Red Rooster Harlem!

Happy holidays and until next week...

Drink well and be well!