What Would You Say If You Could Eat An Incredible 6-Course Meal On The L Train?

How many times have you rushed a breakfast on the train as you commute to work? Drinkable yogurt or a sloshing coffee? We've all been there. But, what would you say if you could eat an incredible six-course meal in 30 minutes aboard the L train? You'd say yes, hopefully! This awesome collaboration between supper clubs and an army of chefs not only produced an exquisite line-up of dishes, including foie gras en brioche and a raspberry-coulis topped panna cotta.

Two of the supper clubs involved share great additional coverage of the May 1st event. Studiofeast and a razor, a shiny knife shared a long list of thank you's on their websites, which goes to show how many people are needed to orchestrate a feat like this.

What is so great about this project is that it was all done on a regular subway car. No blocking off or reserving the train, even regular passengers rode the dining car on Sunday. The idea came from a man who goes by Johnny Cigar, the founder of Winetology and The Noble Rot, a travelling wine saloon.

This creative ideas turns normal subway riding on its head, transforming an experience that becomes white noise in our days to something new and exciting.

Have you had any exciting and out-of-the-ordinary dining adventures?

Read more about the L Train Luncheon at the New York Times.