What to Wear to Red Rooster

Planning a trip to Red Rooster in Harlem, but no idea what to wear? With New York City being such a fashion and style-driven town, many people (women mainly, we're sure) often have outfit anxiety when it comes to visiting a new venue or restaurant. Well if you haven't been to Red Rooster yet and are wondering what to wear, not to worry, Refinery 29 featured Red Rooster in their recent "What to Wear" section. No need for fancy duds here since we do serve contemporary comfort food as its "hautest" here, but don't forget that Harlem has one of the most eclectic styles of any neighborhood in NYC.

To see what Refinery suggests to wear, click here. No matter what you choose to wear to Red Rooster, make sure to pay us a visit and see what all the buzz is about.

What would you wear to Red Rooster?