What To Do With Weekends

Weekends are a great time to wind down at the end of a long working week. Although, those in the restaurant business, like me, don't often get a chance to relax on weekends, they're still terrific days to get together with or share moments with those that have busy weekday schedules.

If you do have extra time during weekends, why not try out new recipes or cooking techniques that you normally wouldn't try? If you try a new recipe or technique every week, you'll have a larger arsenal of go-to easy recipes for the weekdays or you'll perfect your culinary skills in no time.

Keep in mind while you're trying new recipes, to try out new ingredients as well. Maybe you'll consider trying those ethnic spices you hear so often about but have never gotten the chance to try. Stop by your local farmer's market to find super fresh products while helping out the local community of farmers. You might just be surprised what you'll find in markets around you if you just take to time to look.

Also, don't forget to get out of the house every once in a while to explore your neighborhood and the culture all around you. Check out your neighborhood museums or galleries and get to know your local artists. All of these efforts not only expose you to new places, experiences, and new mediums of art- but they also help you build new relationships with members of your community.

So get out and try new things. You never know what new things you may learn!

What are your plans for this weekend?