What Do You Do With Roast Chicken?


For a dish that keeps on dishing it out, try a whole roast chicken! Roast chicken can be part of an lunch or dinner in and of itself, but is also extremely versatile. If roasting a whole chicken can't quite fit into your schedule, you can also pick up a rotisserie chicken from your local grocery store or rotisserie counter.

Roast chickens, once cooled down, are simple to pull apart by hand even for a novice. Once you've finished, you're left with a pile of gold. For starters, don't throw out those bones. You can simmer the bones, cartilage , and bits too fatty to eat with spices. Strain the liquid and you've got homemade chicken stock, which you can use for soup or freeze for later.

Next, figure out how you'd like to use the leftover meat. I like to shred this chicken, making it easy to throw into many recipes. A quick and easy way to use this chicken is to make a chicken salad, which can be eaten on its own, on a sandwich, or as a dressing over greens. Shredded chicken can also be thrown into salads, casseroles, pasta dishes, or soups.

Since this chicken is already cooked, it only takes seconds to use it to round out a meal. Try out this Seasonal Roast Chicken Recipe, but use another fruit or vegetable in season, such as Sweet Oranges or Artichokes.

What do you do with roast chicken? Tell us in comments below.