Weekly Dish Recommendation: Satay Chicken at New Malaysia (New York)

While you may be accustomed to more "mainstream" Asian cuisines such as Chinese and Japanese varieties, you are missing out if you have yet to try Malaysian food. The interesting flavors combine the spices and aromas of Thailand and India. Imagine savory curries, bold chilies, and spicy fried rice dishes. New Malaysia is a particularly authentic destination located down a hidden alleyway in Chinatown, known as the Bowery Arcade. Their Satay Chicken skewers are some of the best around. Besides the meat being tender, each strip of chicken has been rolled in crushed peanuts. This adds an extra layer of texture beyond just a simple coating of sweet peanut sauce. It is definitely worth the long stroll from the closest subway to enjoy one of these fun appetizers. The Chicken Satay makes a fabulous snack or an introduction to a savory cuisine.