Weekend Activity: Smorgasburg in Williamsburg Brooklyn, Part 2

If you love great food and you're in New York this weekend, head over to the new food market in Williamsburg, Smorgasburg. Combining the best of artisan producers in the area with local farmers, you can pick up your zucchini and strawberries as well as a hand-piped miniature cupcake or even an all-natural lip balm made with cocoa and beeswax.

Check out photos from some of the booths below, with more to come next week! For more information on visiting Smorgasburg, visit their website.

Pies from the Momofuku Milk Bar and Friends stand. It may look like there's a flower inside this miniature pie, but it's just artistically placed slices of plum.

Brooklyn Soda Works carries delicious sodas made from handmade syrups that are poured from the tap on the spot. Flavors include spruce shoot soda and rhubarb and star anise.

All natural skin care products from Sprout A Revolution. These lip balms are made from cocoa butter and extra-virgin coconut oil. The vegan option uses Candelillia wax in place of the beeswax in the regular version.

Morris Kitchen makes impeccably packaged ginger syrup, reminiscent of tonics and remedies at an old apothecary. Visit their website for recipes and more information.

Porchetta sandwiches from Chef Sara Jenkins' Porchetta, in the East Village.

The hibiscus doughnut from Dough in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Cupcakes from Kumquat Cupcakery.

For more photos of Smorgasburg, check out last weeks' post!