Weak In The Knees

By MarcusSamuelsson.com

Bacon: two-thirds fat and one-third protein. For our ancestors thousands of years ago, this nutritious combination was magic. It provides significant amounts of salt, protein, and calories, a caveman's dream. Furthermore, bacon lures humans in with its potent smell and flavor including, occasionally, a vegetarian.

Scientist Johan Lundstrom explained that bacon not only appeals evolutionarily, but to our social senses as well. Since smell is strongly tied to memories and emotion, it can be linked to the appealing ideas of breakfast, hunger fulfillment, and gathering.

Many dedicated vegetarians hold their stance, though, like writer Jonathan Safran Foer. In his recent book, Eating Animals, Foer looks at his own experiences and decisions regarding meat in the context of American pop-culture. The ecological impact of pig-raising factory farms is one of the reasons why bacon isn't seductive enough for him to eat.

Unsurprisingly for meat eaters, however, bacon has been enjoying heightened popularity recently. Everything from bacon chocolate to bacon vodka is available. For some non-meat eaters, tells vegetarian author Gwen Sharp, bacon's intoxication is an ideal step towards becoming a carnivore.

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