Vegetarian Dish Recommendation

Hampton Chutney Co's Dosa

Dosa, a South-Indian staple, has travelled to New York and major US cities.  It has been re-interpreted by many Asian restaurants and curry houses. In India this light crepe made with fermented rice batter is traditionally filled with a spicy potato filling.  Pieces of it are broken off and dipped into a flavorful vegetable and lentil stew and fresh coconut, lime and green chili chutney.

At Hampton Chutney Co, its many American, but still vegetarian interpretations are stuffed with roasted tomatoes, avocado and portabella mushrooms. These are served chutneys made from peanut and mango.

A dosa is a complete meal in many ways. The batter is a fermented mix of parboiled rice and tiny black lentils. This is then spread in a thin layer on a dosa pan where it forms tiny bubbles and crisps. While it cooks, stuffings are piled on the crepe and then the crepe is wrapped around it. From the stuffings you get a healthy, nutritious helping of vegetables, from the crepe, a nice mix of carbohydrates and proteins.  And from the dipping sauces, you get a smidgen of fat, and spices that are considered both therpeutic and digestive.

Few things are as comforting as a steaming, crunchy dosa on a cold winter evening.  Caramelized onions, sesame seeds and pepper jack cheese, would make a fantastic vegetarian meal.