Food and People: Rio de Janiero

Traveling always affords a cultural experience, but travelling to Brazil is also a colorful experience.  The fruit stalls in Rio de Janiero burst with colors.  Fuschia bananas, ripe for eating are packed next to peppers of every hue.

The markets feature the entire spectrum of visible colors, offering the freshest fruit I've ever tasted.  The best way to taste the fruits of Brazil is at one of the ubiquitous sucos or juice bars.

Pair your suco with a little sandwich or hamburger for an impromptu meal.  Rio's residents aren't out at fancy sit down restaurants, most of the time they have a carefree and casual bite to eat with a refreshing and healthy suco on the side.

My favorite was a bright purple concoction made from acai, honey and banana.  After a night out enjoying Rio's famed nightlife, this sweet and refreshing drink hits the spot.  For a supercharged morning pick-me-up, ask for a juice blended with guarana, a berry containing caffeine.  After drinking a guarana suco blended with melon and mango I didn't miss my morning coffee at all.

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