Masaya, Nicaragua, The City Of Flowers

Food and People By Charlie Grosso

"Wok the Dog" is a long term photographic series that examines the  commerce of meat, the market place around the world. Since 2004, I have photographed markets in 20 countries and 74 cities.

Masaya, Nicaragua, is the city of Flowers. I explored the markets on an early morning bus as I was staying in a nearby town. Your first impression of the markets is the giant parking lot filled with colorful chicken buses Central America is known for.

As you wander deeper and deeper into the market, it gradually unfolds and reveals itself to you. The men are friendly and the women are warm. A chicken vendor pick up a chicken that was attempting escape and put it back in the basket. His wife turns around, has one look and tells him that the chicken is not theirs but belongs to the seller next to them.

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