Food and People: Cuba

The food exceeded expectations; the fusion of Spanish and Caribbean influences in the cuisine produces delicious, savory food that satisfies.

I learned quickly that there's nothing like Cuban coffee in the morning.  It's brewed strong, aromatic, and super sweet.  Served with a ton of sugar, every Cuban person takes pride in the Cuban coffee they make.

I enjoyed pastelitos, little Cuban pastries, in the morning with my coffee.  The flaky exterior gaves way to a warm cheese or guava filling.

With my rice and beans, I enjoyed the many preparations of platanos, or plantains.  They can be served fried as chips or as maduros.  These sauteed sweet plantains taste fantastic - like a better banana.

Perhaps my favorite taste of Cuba was a croqueta de Jamon.  When I bite into this unassuming savory treat I discovered much more than its fried exterior.  They're crispy like a mozzarella stick on the outside, and inside I discovered a ham filling the texture of mashed potatoes.

Food is all around in Cuba.  From a vendor of tomatoes, to piles of coconuts waiting to become a coconut and rum flan, the colors and smells enchanted me.

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