Food and People - Antigua, Guatemala with Charlie Grosso

This week's photos of Food & People is part of a photographic series of different cities by Charlie Grosso. Below is what Charlie has to say about the photos and her experience of Antigua, Guatemala. "Wok the Dog" is an photographic project that examines the  commerce of meat, and how expediency and modernity can rob us of a connection to life. Since 2004, I have photographed markets in 15 countries and 55 cities.

As I roam through the markets in Antigua, Guatemala, surrounded by volcanos on three sides at an elevation of 5029 ft, the harshness of living that is part of market is in sharp relief. Most of the vendors are women and nearly all of them are juggling babies and children of various ages and as they make their sales of produce and goods. The women look especially worn and tired. The harsh sun craves line and weariness into the faces of these women and some set up shop under the belly of the truck for relief from the sun.

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