Fez, Morocco: The City Out Of Fairy Tales

Food and People By Charlie Grosso

"Wok the Dog" is a long term photographic series that examines the commerce of meat, the market place around the world. Since 2004, I have photographed markets in 20 countries and 74 cities. For more international adventures, read my past Food and People posts about Luxor, Masaya, and Casablanca.

The sand colored city of Fez, Morocco appears to be a city out of fairy tales. The city seems like it never quiet entered the modern century much less the 21st. There are still vendors selling coal. And one butcher shop in the medina that sold Camel.

I've always thought that Camels were expensive and highly prized by the Arabs and seeing the camel head outside the butcher shop with the camel hoofs on the ground was certainly a shock.

I wish I spoke French or Arabic better to ask about the taste, cost and selling of camels in Arab culture.

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