Copa America: Paraguay vs Venezuela

Photo: Depordivas

Last night's 2-0 victory for Uruguay over Peru in the Copa America was a great one. Although we'll miss Peru, we now know Uruguay will be facing off in the finals this Sunday with the winner of tonight's semifinal game. Today's match is between Paraguay and Venezuela and to keep with our South American support during this exciting championship, we have two other national treasures to share with you today: Sopa Paraguaya from Paraguay and Pabellon Criollo from Venezuela.

In Paraguay, sopa paraguaya is a very traditional and popular dish. Even though a rough translation might make you think this is just Paraguayan soup, sopa paraguya is similar to a corn bread dish and is commonly served with ingredients like milk, pork fat, onions, and cheese. The dish was accidentally created in the mid-1850's after a soup was made with incorrect proportions and it quickly caught on as a popular and delicious dish. Eaten at any occasion and with many meals, sopa paraguaya can also be part of special events like an asado (a mixed barbeque), during the days of the Holy Week, especially Holy Fridays, or at weddings.

Pabellon criollo, a traditional Venezuelan dish, is the nation's version of the classic rice and beans, it usually has shredded beef and stewed black beans and is considered by many to be Venezuela's national dish. This simple, yet vibrant, dish is full of flavor and color, and perfectly reflects the union and integrity of the nation. Varieties with plantains or fried eggs are also popular additions to this dish that is eaten as a regular part of a Venezuelan diet.

Who do you think will join Uruguay in the finals: Paraguay or Venezuela?