Casablanca, Morocco

Food and People By Charlie Grosso

"Wok the Dog" is a long term photographic series that examines the commerce of meat, the market place around the world. Since 2004, I have photographed markets in 20 countries and 74 cities. For more international adventures, read my past Food and People posts about Luxor and Masaya.

Humphrey Bogart might be the only association you have with Casablanca, Morocco. Yet Bogart is absent from the markets of Casablanca. What is abundant is the a sense of poetry.

The French influence is unmistakable. It telegraphs itself throughout the market and I am surprised by its appearance. Take stall number 14 for example. I feel like I am looking a rendering of Paris in early 1900s, yet it is Casablanca in modern day. A little bit of the old along with a little bit of the new comes together in the markets of Casablanca.

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